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The International Coaching Federation (ICF) does not offer initial education and training to become a coach (we only offer professional development for practiced coaches). As the accrediting body for coach-specific education and accredited providers, we cannot recommend any specific coaching education organizations.

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For further information, please contact this training organization rather than the ICF office. The ICF recommends all approved programs equally and cannot recommend one program over another.

Organization Name: Coaching & Coaching s.r.l. Professional Coaching School
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Program Name: Advanced Professional Team Coaching
Program Type: AATC
Program Hours: 60.00
Organization Description:
The Professional Coaching School by Marina Osnaghi® was born in 1990 and soon became one of the most recognized coaching school in Italy and Europe.
Since the beginning, the school was a benchmark for both those students who strived to develop themselves at highest level as coaches and those who wanted to grow in the coaching culture, as a new way of being and acting in their working and private life.  
Today the Professional Coaching School® boasts a long-lasting and proven training experience both at national and international level, thanks to the huge experience of the founder, Marina Osnaghi, first Italian MCC, past President of ICF Italia and member of the ICF Mentor Registry.
Through her educational programs targeted to business and corporate coaching, team coaching and leadership development, drives managers and professionals worldwide achieving top level of performances.
She is assisted by the best coaching teachers in the international field, all MCC and PCC accredited.
Our goal is to train responsible and professional coaches, support them in their development path to achieve excellence by means of a training program based also on higher standard of coaching processes and methods.
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Program Description: Advanced Professional Team Coaching is a 60 hours training, divided into 12 webinar of 2,6 and 8 hours, valid for the Team Coaching Certification. This course teaches all students how to guide and manage Team Coaching through a powerful approach. All the students will learn an exclusive methodology to improve their capability in beeing excellent Team Coaches.
Scope of the course
To Learn an exclusive method to improve the capability to act as an excellent Team Coach, managing the process and the team’s meeting, providing the tools to create the winning team also in time of difficulties;
Clarify the differences between team and group coaching and put into practice the most innovative techniques to overcome destructive dynamics and resistances and limiting beliefs.
The training is dedicated to all the coaches, manager and professionals who need to facilitate a corporate team to consolidate cooperation, and trust in the achievement of shared objectives.
Organization: Coaching & Coaching s.r.l. Professional Coaching School
Via Spallanzani 16
Corso Italia 50
Milano Milan - Italy - 20122
20129 Milano
Phone: 00390256816307
Student Contact:  
Learning Method: Virtual,Combination
Language: Italian
Coaching Specialties: Business/Organizations
Approval Start Date: March 17, 2023 Accreditation Renewal Date: July 31, 2026
Locations: Italy