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Organization Name: SunLight Academy
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Program Name: The Art of Coaching Master Degree
Program Type: Level 3
Program Hours: 80.00
Organization Description:

We empower individuals and organizations worldwide. SunLight Academy is a leader in delivering ICF-accredited programs for those who want to get a certification as Professional or Master Coaches, establish a global presence, and apply for the ICF Credentials: ACC, PCC, and MCC.

Our Master Coaches and Educators are committed to supporting purposeful leaders, managers, professionals, coaches, teams and organizations through a variety of accredited and customized coaching, training and mentoring programs.

Our Coaching Education programs equip people with the ability to use coaching skills in their profession and in their personal and professional interactions.

Program Description:


The MCC Coaching Mindset
  • What does it mean to develop an MCC Coaching Mindset?
  • What needs to be developed around your coaching in order to move towards the MCC level?

The participants are encouraged to develop a self-reflection activity to be conducted in the time between the training meetings, all along the 80 hours program, with the purpose to share the new self-learning and allow the Mentors/Trainers to offer customized feedback and support.

How to use a session's transcript to improve your performance
What does it mean to ‘be a great learner’ towards the MCC credential?
In this module we share with the participants how to continually developing ourselves as humans is vital in order to serve our coaching clients at our best. We share the importance of regularly evaluating our coaching competency skills in order to elevate our coaching impact.MODULE 3
The Coaching Agreement: since the beginning and along the whole session

We explain to the participants the level of mastery Competency nr 3 at the MCC level:

– how to connect with the client through a deep presence since the very first words of the conversation
– how to notice each subtle shifts in the conversation
– how to focus on the desired outcome in a way that is gentle and natural during the whole session


The many levels of Trust in MCC coaching
How trust, vulnerability, authenticity, gratitude can support the development of the MCC skills?
Participants will reach a deep understanding about how Trust in coaching is about the coach showing respect for the clients and their work and contribution. It is also about the capacity of the coach to create a safe space for the clients to work.


Intuition as a coaching tool
In this module, participants explore the realm of ‘knowing without knowing’ and the impact of connecting with this realm to develop MCC skills.
  • what are the benefits of tuning into your intuition and being able to use it?
  • what is the relation between instinct, intellect and intuition?
  • how the mastery of the coaching competencies can enhance your intuition?
Listening mode as a way of being for the MCC coach
In this module participants explore and learn:
– what is required to listen deeply at the MCC level?
– what does it mean to co-create with the client a common way to address the present reality, the desired result and the future state?
– what is required to the coach at the MCC level to be fully aligned with authenticity and ease to the client’s approach?
Trust your shadow to embrace the Master in you
How to recognize and use the power of our Shadow and of your Light to enhance the mastery of the coaching competencies at the MCC Level. Participants explore and learn
– why Shadow and Light work matters
– what is the Shadow, the Shadow as a ‘human creation’
– what are the gifts of our Shadow.
Masculine & Feminine aspects of the coaching competencies: a non-binary approach
In this module we explore how both the masculine and feminine approach to life are important and valuable and how our world needs these energies in tandem to support growth, connection and evolution. We explore how these concepts are applicable to and support the mastery of the ICF Competencies at the MCC Level.
Partnering with clients as allies to promote their evolution
Participants reflects and learn how to
– promote the co-creation of an environment for the client to intentionally apply their own new insight/ learning
– nurture the development of ways to allow clients to explore in depth the impact of their new learning and evolution in the different areas of their life
The MCC coaching business & legacy project
Participants explore the impact that developing coaching at the MCC level can have on their Coach’s business:
– how to move past the ubiquitous distractions, doubts, limiting thoughts and conditioned behaviors to reach the ultimate success and fully embody an MCC Mindset
– how to feel free to leave the current comfort zone, in order to align our external success and prosperity to the newly acquired MCC Level 

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Organization: SunLight Academy
Via Gorizia 11
28100 Novara
Phone: +39 3737419566
Student Contact: Ms. Cristina Campofreddo, MCC
Phone: +393737419566
Learning Method: Combination
Language: English, Italian
Coaching Specialties: Business/Organizations, Career/Transition, Executive, Leadership, Personal/Organizational, Relationship
Approval Start Date: August 26, 2022 Accreditation Renewal Date: January 31, 2025
Locations: Italy
South Africa