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Organization Name: Emergenetics International
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Program Name: Emergenetics Programs
Program Type: CCE
Program Hours: Core: 6.25 Resource Development: 11 Total: 17.25
Organization Description:
Emergenetics International is a global, organizational development consulting company with a global network of Distributors and Associates dedicated to realizing the potential of people in organizations, the community and at home. We are experts in the way people think, behave, and communicate and we apply this to every facet of the way individuals work and the way people understand themselves.
Emergenetics provides a basis to learn and apply new insights and self-awareness in work and personal environments, equipping individuals to successfully manage challenges, utilizing diverse thinking and behavioral preferences in the areas of leadership, teamwork, and talent development. Through the Emergenetics® Profile assessment, workshops and digital resources, we help develop these skills and build productive, engaging workplace cultures.
A key component of the Emergenetics experience is the Emergenetics Profile, a psychometric test developed to distinctively measure how people think and behave. The Emergenetics Profile provides people with a personalised understanding of how they prefer to approach work and life, and with this insight, personal strategies can be developed to enhance self-awareness, communication, collaboration and problem-solving competencies.
Human resources professionals, coaches, trainers, counsellors, leaders and managers can rely on the Emergenetics Profile to support their clients and colleagues to achieve their personal and team objectives.
Our Science Sets Us Apart
The science behind Emergenetics uncovers new and unexpected ways of understanding and interacting with the people who are a part of your world. To ensure our science remains reliable and valid, a subset of our raw data, which includes more than one million Profiles, is converted to global norms that we review biennially. This information is shared in the Emergenetics Technical Report.
Participants who successfully complete the Emergenetics coursework also learn about the field of social neuroscience and how this field of study strengthens the application of Emergenetics theory in understanding self and others’ preferences in communicating.  Whitepaper: Connecting Social Neuroscience and Emergenetics Theory: Understanding Self and Others.
Program Description: Emergenetics offers three programs that provide value independently and offer layers of learning opportunity:
1. Individual Emergenetics Profile and eLearning Experience - self-awareness
2. Emergenetics Meeting of the Minds workshop - group awareness
3. Emergenetics Certification - developing others
Emergenetics Certification features a blended learning experience where attendees gain expertise in the seven Thinking and Behavioral Attributes. At the end of this training, participants will know how to:
• Build an understanding of core Emergenetics concepts and research
• Use Emergenetics to support development of self-awareness
• Use Emergenetics to support communication, coaching, decision making and team building
• Practice with Profile groupings to build cognitively diverse teams
• Facilitate our introductory workshops
• Debrief Emergenetics Profiles to raise selfawareness for individuals and teams
• Integrate Emergenetics into talent development programs and initiatives
• Address team and group dynamics through the lens of Emergenetics
• Assemble cognitively diverse teams
• Know the Emergenetics Ethical Considerations
Organization: Emergenetics International
2 Inverness Drive, East, Suite 188
Centennial, CO 80112
Phone: 303.854.9817
Student Contact: Shari Biesboer
Phone: 3032576971
Learning Method: Virtual,In-Person
Language: Arabic, Chinese -Simplex, Dutch, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Spanish
Coaching Specialties: Business/Organizations, Career/Transition, Coaching Other Coaches, Executive, Internal, Leadership, Personal/Organizational
Approval Start Date: November 1, 2022 Accreditation Renewal Date: January 31, 2025
Locations: Egypt
United Kingdom
United States