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The International Coaching Federation (ICF) does not offer initial education and training to become a coach (we only offer professional development for practiced coaches). As the accrediting body for coach-specific education and accredited providers, we cannot recommend any specific coaching education organizations.

To ensure quality education, ICF accredits coaching education organizations that meet the high standards set forth by ICF and ICF Coaching Education. To find ICF-Accredited Providers we suggest that you use our Education Search Service (ESS) below. The search for a coach education program is a highly individual process that depends greatly on your personal preferences and goals. The ESS is designed to give you basic information about all ICF-Accredited Education Providers.


For further information, please contact this training organization rather than the ICF office. The ICF recommends all approved programs equally and cannot recommend one program over another.

Organization Name: 1 NLP Limited
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Program Name: Certified Leadership Coach with NLP Skills
Program Type: CCE
Program Hours: Core: 24 Resource Development: 16 Total: 40
Organization Description: 1 NLP Limited is a globally ranked organization in the field of Coaching, Leadership Development, Communication, Relationship Building, NLP, and Business Coaching. You receive the best in coach training in the global market. As a Coaching, Consulting & Training organization, we operate globally with a mission to provide top-notch and innovative Human Capacity Development solutions. We incorporate a diverse learning environment where people connect with multi-cultural communities. Our vision is to inspire and empower 1 million people for excellence by 2030. We are on a mission to raise human consciousness to help you make a MARK by coaching and training to: •evolve Mindset •take Action •create productive habits with Repetition •help achieve goals with Knowledge Our mentors conduct the coaching program with passion and commitment, encouraging participants to reflect and discover their inner powers. They empower participants to achieve their full potential. We continuously support our coaches with strategies to expand their horizons and enhance coaching skills. We empower you to empower yourself to higher levels of consciousness, unleashing your potential with the impact of coaching.
Program Description: Certified Leadership Coach with NLPSkills has been designed to provide participants with the necessary coaching skills to be brilliant managers and top-notch leaders.
This coach training program is highly practical and experiential, with a focus on developing real expertise in coaching techniques and processes. The program includes Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) which empowers participants to empower themselves.
The participants learn to delve more deeply into the ICF coaching framework by exploring human development using the MARK Model technique which empowers them to:
• evolve 𝗠indset
• take 𝗔ction
• create productive habits with 𝗥epetition
• develop 𝗞nowledge
The program is designed to nurture a higher awareness of the internal processes that drive decision-making and action to make long-lasting and transformative changes in life. It provides you with the essential skills to become a Leadership or Professional Coach to help individuals and businesses.  
Duration: 40 hours
Organization: 1 NLP Limited
No. 123/1, Opposite DIET,
Himachal Pradesh
173001 Nahan
Phone: +918627816869
Student Contact: Mr. Rajiv Sharma, PCC
Phone: +918627816869
Learning Method: Combination
Language: English
Coaching Specialties: Business/Organizations, Career/Transition, Coaching Other Coaches, Executive, Leadership, Personal/Organizational, Small Business
Approval Start Date: July 1, 2022 Accreditation Renewal Date: August 31, 2024
Locations: Cameroon
Czech Republic
Saudi Arabia
Sierra Leone
Sri Lanka
United Arab Emirates