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Organization Name: Coaching & Coaching s.r.l. Professional Coaching School
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Program Name: Executive Coaching Training (Foundations)
Program Type: CCE
Program Hours: Core: 18 Resource Development: 2 Total: 20
Organization Description:
The Professional Coaching School by Marina Osnaghi® was born in 1990 and soon became one of the most recognized coaching school in Italy and Europe.
Since the beginning, the school was a benchmark for both those students who strived to develop themselves at highest level as coaches and those who wanted to grow in the coaching culture, as a new way of being and acting in their working and private life.  
Today the Professional Coaching School® boasts a long-lasting and proven training experience both at national and international level, thanks to the huge experience of the founder, Marina Osnaghi, first Italian MCC, past President of ICF Italia and member of the ICF Mentor Registry.
Through her educational programs targeted to business and corporate coaching, team coaching and leadership development, drives managers and professionals worldwide achieving top level of performances.
She is assisted by the best coaching teachers in the international field, all MCC and PCC accredited.
Our goal is to train responsible and professional coaches, support them in their development path to achieve excellence by means of a training program based also on higher standard of coaching processes and methods.
Please visit for all the coaching trainings.
Program Description: The course and all its contents were created by Marina Osnaghi, MCC, who conducts it in its entirety.
- The goal is to accompany each student in the development towards excellence and the Mastery in the professional practice of Coaching
- Thanks to this course students will be able to:
-receive a powerful contribution to their needs, in terms of balance and safety / expertise in the profession
-deepen techniques to enhance personal awareness and the inner state of security and mastery in managing the relationship with the customer and managing the process
- enhance tools and personal awareness that can allow each student an excellent approach in the Coaching process.
The course is structured in 2 Parts or Levels Executive Coaching Training Foundation and Executive Coaching Training Excellence, to which students can subscribe separately
The whole course is 108 h of coach specific training , in details :
Part 1 Foundation is a 52 hours course articulated in 5 days training ( 8 hours each) delivered in person + 6 webinar ( 2 hour each)
Part 2 Excellence is a 56 hours course articulated in 5 days training ( 8 hours each ) delivered in person and 8 webinar ( 2 hours each)
The goal of the Executive Coaching Training Foundation course is to consolidate the foundations of the consciousness of being a coach and one's human and technical capacity in the development of processes, which presupposes:
o The development of one's vision and mission as a Coach: what 'I am' and what is my orientation in the future
o The capacity for detachment and proximity to the process and the path of the other
o The serene tranquility of the effect of the Mastery as a Coach, accompanying the participants in an experience of "evolution" of their technical and human capacity in managing the coaching process.
Learn to manage the main Coaching processes envisaged by the program; teaching involves the alternation of theory and teaching sessions, practical exercises and supervision
The goal and added value of the Executive Coaching Training Excellence  is to transfer Executive Coaching processes and techniques to students to accompany the development towards excellence and the Mastery in the professional practice of Coaching
Thanks to this course students will be able to:
- improve the skills and tools for your professional Executive Coach practice
-Enhance personal awareness and the inner state of security and mastery in managing the Coaching process and the relationship with the client
-Consolidate the learning and use of tools that enhance the results achieved by your Coaching clients
Organization: Coaching & Coaching s.r.l. Professional Coaching School
Via Spallanzani 16
Corso Italia 50
Milano Milan - Italy - 20122
20129 Milano
Phone: 00390256816307
Student Contact: Mrs. Marina Osnaghi
Phone: +39 02 56816307
Learning Method: Virtual,Combination
Language: Italian
Coaching Specialties: Executive
Approval Start Date: September 1, 2022 Accreditation Renewal Date: October 31, 2024
Locations: Italy