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Organization Name: Health Coach Institute
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Program Name: Become a Health Coach
Program Type: Expired
Program Hours: Core: 91 Resource Development: 83 Total: 174
Organization Description:
The Health Coach Institute (HCI) teaches people how to turn their passion for holistic living and personal growth into a career as a Certified Health and Life Coach and mentors Certified Coaches who want to build thriving practices. The founders of HCI, Stacey Morgenstern and Carey Peters, have collectively trained over 20,000 coaches in over 90 countries. In HCI’s flagship program, Become a Health Coach, students earn certificates in Health and Life Coaching after training in nutrition and lifestyle science, transformational coaching skills, the Habit Change Coaching Method, personal growth and life coaching. For Health and Life Coaches who want to build a successful private practice, Become a Health Coach provides training for accomplishing this goal.  Certified coaches continue their learning and advance their careers in HCI’s graduate-level training including the Transformational Coaching Method and Business Accelerator, which provides mentorship and coaching for entrepreneur coaches.
A recent revamp to our program includes:
1) Orientation and Pillar 1 revamp.
2) Pillar 4 Faculty Instructor change and edits to seven lessons (videos).
3) HCI Live coaching instruction/skills lab sequences included.  Remaining schedule for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 is in production.
4) Engagement Questions have been added to each week of Orientation and Pillars 1, 2 and 3. Hours and description for which included in the detailed program schedule.
Program Description: The Become a Health Coach (BHC) program trains and certifies new Health and Life Coaches who want to launch an exciting career in as soon as six months — from anywhere in the world.  The Health Coach Institute (HCI) believes that a successful Health and Life Coach must become a master of facilitating habit change and the foundation of the BHC program is the Habit Change Coaching Method (HCCM). The HCCM allows new coaches to facilitate transformational change for clients and loved ones. The outcome is clients achieving real, lasting results and a positive ripple effect into every area of their lives.  BHC features the following four training modules (4 pillars) plus a library of master class coaching demonstrations, done-for-you templates and advanced training bonuses that help new coaches to quickly gain confidence to create value for paying clients.
Component Title - Duration (# of Weeks) - Mandatory? (Yes/No)
Orientation - 1 Week -Mandatory
Pillar 1 - Holistic Nutrition for Coaches -  8 Weeks - Mandatory
Pillar 2 - Habit Change Coaching Method - 11 Weeks - Mandatory
Pillar 3 - Personal Growth (The Life Coach Certificate) - 6 Weeks - Mandatory
Pillar 4 - Proven Marketing & Simple Business Systems - 7 - Not mandatory
Completion of Orientation and Pillars 1-3, including skill-building practice sessions with fellow students and successful coaching of multiple practice clients, is required for certificate completion. Students can complete BHC  and become certified in as soon as 26 weeks or take their time and complete within 1 full year, which provides the necessary flexibility for busy adult learners.  BHC students are supported through a private online community, live online group Cohort Connection Classrooms, and 1-to-1 coaching calls, all led by a team of Faculty Coaches who are graduates of the BHC program and successfully running their own coaching businesses.
In Pillar 1, students learn food and lifestyle science and foundational coaching skills to assist clients as they pursue their health and body goals. In Pillar 2, students learn and practice the Habit Change Coaching Method and along with a customizable, “done-for-you” 90-Day Coaching Program complete with scripts and client handouts, all of which make it easy for new coaches to confidently coach their first paying clients.  In Pillar 3, students study life coaching concepts and practice additional coaching methods designed to accelerate the student’s own personal growth. In Pillar 4, BHC students are trained and supported to launch and grow their coaching practice with proven marketing & business systems and “done-for-you” resources.
Additionally, much of the BHC student and faculty community comes together for deeper learning, connection, and personal growth at “HCI Live” an in person training weekend held twice annually. While optional, HCI Live is very valuable, the essential required training components in BHC are all online to provide maximum flexibility for busy adult learners who want to become Certified Health and Life Coaches.  When in person training is not feasible, HCI will offer this event live online.
Organization: Health Coach Institute
800 W Main Street
Suite 1460
Boise, ID 83702
Phone: 800.303.2399
Student Contact: Jonathon Dege
Phone: 877-978-3207
Learning Method: Virtual
Language: English
Coaching Specialties: Health & Fitness, Life Vision & Enhancement
Approval Start Date: September 1, 2021 Accreditation Renewal Date: October 31, 2022