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Organization Name: International Centre of Coaching and Supervision
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Program Name: Coaching.Theory and Practice
Program Type: Level 2
Program Hours: 125.00
Organization Description: Международный центр коучинга и супервизии ICCS является провайдером обучения коучингу для начинающих коучей, для опытных профессионалов, а также осуществляет обучение в рамках повышения квалификации для психологов и бизнес-тренеров, сотрудничая с психологическим факультетом профильного университета.
За время существования ICCS с июня 2020 года обучено более 500 специалистов, из которых более 200 прошли специализированное обучение коучингу в рамках 100-часового ACSTH курса "Коучинг.Теория и практика".
Руководитель ICCS -  Елена Фарба, PhD, MCC ICF, международный специалист по образованию, surgical educator в Международной ассоциации остеосинтеза, автор множества статей и нескольких книг на тему коучинга, тренинга и методологии развития взрослых.
Команда ICCS - профессиональные коучи ACC, PCC, MCC ICF, объединенные едиными ценностями и действующими в соответствии с самыми высокими стандартами ICF коучинга.
Обучаясь и сотрудничая с ICCS, коллеги, выпускники и студенты отмечают наряду с высоким качеством обучения, атмосферу поддержки, развития и большие возможности, предоставляемые ICCS для профессионального роста.
Program Description: The uniqueness of the course is based on the integrated approach of system coaching, compliance with world coaching standards and its structure that includes a thorough interaction with each participant.
Course goals:
To promote professional coaching development according to the high standards of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) to the Russian-speaking population in all over the world.
Course Mission Statement:
To develop a global coaching culture as an ethical, value-based way of interaction of a person, both with themselves and with other people, to address current life challenges and develop humanity.
The professional diversity of the students and graduates of the course is well represented. They are psychologists, IT specialists, physicists, HR specialists, business coaches, actors, entrepreneurs, managers and many others.
The target course audience is Russian-speaking specialists of various profiles with higher education.
Given the online format, the target audience of the course is Russian-speaking participants from all over the world.
The method of interaction of trainers, observers, mentors and participants, as well as participants between themselves, is online (zoom conferences).
The course and its activities delivery language is Russian.
The individual mentoring delivery language is both Russian and English.
During the course, the materials are delivered in four stages:
✓participants get to know the theoretical component of a particular topic, when the trainer introduces the new material,
✓ participants experience the new material through the trainer’s demonstration sessions, who also studies cases, answers questions from the audience,
✓ participants work out the new material in practice in mini-groups (in groups of 3, where each participant takes turns in three roles: coach, client and observer) being supported by the course team,
✓and, participants receive professional feedback on their work in the form of individual and group mentoring sessions from master and professional certified coaches International Coaching Federation MCC / PCC ICF, which is extra important for rapid and confident course study.
Organization: International Centre of Coaching and Supervision
Pervomaisky district, Abdarachmanova str, 204A
720040 Bishkek
Phone: +996998002467
Student Contact: Mrs. Elena Farba, MCC
Learning Method: Virtual
Language: English, Russian
Coaching Specialties:  
Approval Start Date: June 3, 2021 Accreditation Renewal Date: July 31, 2027
Locations: Georgia