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Organization Name: Anka Koçluk Education Consulting and Certification Co.
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Program Type: Level 2
Program Hours: 174.00
Organization Description:

Founded in Ankara in 2011, Anka Kocluk Education Consulting and Documentation Co. is one of the leading companies in Turkey providing coaching training and professional coaching services for individuals and companies.

Anka Kocluk has ISO 17024 accreditation by Turkak and has been authorized by Vocational Qualifications Authority (VQA) - a subsidiary organization of Labor and Social Security Ministry - in "Coach (Level 6)" context. Anka Kocluk is the only organization in Turkey that performs examinations for coaching professional certification.

5.500 coaches have been trained by Anka Kocluk since August 2011 under the programs detailed below. Taking into consideration the standards of International Coaching Federation, the aim of Anka Kocluk is to train coaches who perform coaching as a profession, which is legally accepted by the Government of Turkey as “Coaching Profession” since May 2013.

Anka Kocluk is providing life, executive, team and performance coaching services to individuals and companies. We are providing Coaching, NLP, Leadership, Communication and Training of Trainers educational programs for people who want to learn coaching skills or continue their careers as coaches. We also design customized educational programs for corporate companies in accordance with their needs.

Program Description:
The aim of this program is to enable people who want to coaching different areas of life to go through a long-term and practice-oriented training process to create change in their own lives and then in the lives of others.
The Professional Coaching Certificate Program lasts 174 hours and is completed in 8-12 months.
Module 1 - Art & Competencies of Coaching (6 Days / 36 Hours) + (4 Hours Practicum): Based on ICF Competencies, this is a module where the fundamentals of the coaching profession are taught through three coaching models. Participants who want to complete the module are required to attend 1 Practicum (4 Hours) within the next 6 months.
Practicum: Each participant demonstrates a coaching session (20 minutes each) to another participant (Participants have possibility to bring their session record) At the end of the session, the participant evaluates himself / herself. Finally, the mentor gives his/her own feedback. Thus, a full coaching session of each participant is evaluated. Each Practicum ensures that the participant receives 1 (20 minutes) one-on-one mentoring and is involved in 3-hours group mentoring.
Module 2 - Holistic Life Coaching (6 Days / 36 Hours) + (4 Hours Practicum): This module provides techniques and models for people who want to coach people’s living spaces, such as balance, vision creation, decision-making, change, boundaries, time and stress management and this is a module that teaches all these practically. Participants who complete the module are required to attend 1 Practicum (4 Hours) within the next 6 months.
Module 3 - NLP Techniques for Coaches (4 Days / 24 Hours): This is a module in which coaches who want to be master watch the application of 12 different NLP techniques by the instructor, and the coaches apply each technique and receive feedback.
Module 4 – Mindfulness Coaching (4 Days / 24 Hours): It allows coaches to learn techniques that will contribute to their coaching presence and learn how to apply many Mindfulness techniques in coaching sessions.
Module 5 - Systemic Team Coaching (4 Days / 24 Hours): It is a module where coaching skills are taught to coaches who work with institutions, leaders who manage teams and groups within the institution, and to coach teams of the institution from a systemic perspective through practices and models.
Module 6-Leader coaching (2 Day/12 hours): It aims to teach the coaches working with leaders in middle and senior positions, models and approaches to support the leader.
Module 7- Final Performance Evaluation (10 hours): Participants who complete all modules must attend 1 Final Performance Evaluation within 12 months in order to complete ANKA coaching Professional Coaching Certification Program. Participants who perform a minimum of 30 minute- coaching performance and meet competency criteria will graduate from the program.
For more information, please visi:
Organization: Anka Koçluk Education Consulting and Certification Co.
Kırkkonaklar Mah. 382.Cad. No:11/6
06500 Ankara
Phone: +90 0312 439 05 13
Student Contact: FİLİZ VANCI
Phone: +90 0530 170 52 47
Learning Method: In-Person
Language: English, Italian, Turkish
Coaching Specialties: Career/Transition, Creativity, Executive, Internal, Leadership, Life Vision & Enhancement
Approval Start Date: October 23, 2019 Accreditation Renewal Date: July 31, 2024
Locations: Italy