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Organization Name: Menslab - Coaching & Training
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Program Name: Programma di formazione e certificazione per Coach Sistemico Evolutivo (Systemic evolutionary coach: training & certification program)
Program Type: Level 2
Program Hours: 180.00
Organization Description:
Menslab is a coach and training organization created by a group of professionals who share a passion for growth, evolution and a down-to-earth approach. A group of people who take the time to learn from experience, trying out new models and measuring themselves against models of excellence, to discover what works and to make improvements.
Our vision is that what is really needed for rapid and long-lasting evolution is exploration, understanding and integration of strategies and models of excellence to communicate, get organised, decide, and be creative. Making complex things simple so that anyone can use them immediately in their life and profession is our job, testing what has been learnt and achieving results is the job of our Clients!
We use the coaching approach in each activity we offer, so that our Clients become fully independent and learn how to produce results they want in their job and their life, following their own style.
We offer coaching and training about coaching, mentoring, supervision, strategic communication and systemic consulting to companies, organizations, individuals and teams. We also offer mentoring and supervision and we manage an international training program for mentor coaches and coaching supervisors.
Program Description:
Menslab Systemic evolutionary coach: training & certification program has been developed according with the most effective coaching methodologies and it integrates many approaches.
The program is divided into four main phases for a total of 175 coaching specific training hours that include 10 hours of mentor coaching and supervision.
The four parts of the training are:
1.Fundamentals, for a total of 70 training hours, that includes:
Creating the future: coaching competencies to define clear results and discover how to reach them.
From consciounsness to results: developing mindset and habits for achievement.
Evolutionary coaching: activating and managing a coaching process through partnership and trust.
2.Professional, for a total of 55 hours, that includes:
Languages of precision: communication and effective languages for personal and professional evolution. - 27.5 hours
Systemic coaching: facilitating the evolution of a context while reaching personal and professional results. - 27.5 hours
3.Mastery, for a total of 22.5 coaching specific training hours, that students can choose according with their interests from numerous workshops.
Students can verify which specialization modules are available in a specific location/edition of the training looking at the calendar and the specific program in our website.
4.Certification program that includes:
Mentor coaching and supervision program – 10 hours (7 hours in a small group and 3 hours one to one).
Personal research: an application of coaching competencies to create a personal and professional development plan to complete in 12.5 hours
Organization: Menslab - Coaching & Training
Via Salvatore Farina, 61
09127 Cagliari
Phone: 393803432665‬
Student Contact: Giuseppe Meli
Learning Method: Combination
Language: English, Italian, Spanish
Coaching Specialties: Business/Organizations, Career/Transition, Executive, Internal, Leadership, Life Vision & Enhancement, Personal/Organizational
Approval Start Date: December 20, 2012 Accreditation Renewal Date: January 31, 2025
Locations: Italy