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Organization Name: Core Quality International
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Program Name: Core Quadrant Train the Trainer Certification Program
Program Type: CCE
Program Hours: Core: 18 Resource Development: 6 Total: 24
Organization Description: Core Quality International is an organizational development consultancy company, founded and owned by Daniel Ofman with the mission to inspire organisations and indíviduals to insight and growth. It is based in The Netherlands.
Daniel Ofman has designed the Core Quadrant model and is responsible for creating the 3 days´Train The Trainer Certification Program which is delivered in many European countriesm, either by Daniel Ofman himselv or in partnership with local trainer who are trained and licensed by hum to deliver til program. The curriculum is always the same, and the certificates given to the participants at the end of the program is issued by and always signed by Daniel Ofman himself.
Program Description: 3 days program ( 2+1 days) 24 hours intotal, aiming at giving the participants a deep understanding of the Core Quadrant model and to be confident and creative when using it with clients - either as coaches or as consultants, leaders, psychologists, teachers and nurses/doctors. The content is the same always,  but the order of elements can change in each program.
The first day focuses on the I/We/It approach, which is about perspectives. The day also covers Awareness-training, Listening on all levels, Powerful questioning and working with individual quadrants - first in pair, then in groups. Sharing, reflections in aquarium. Visualizing exercises ( The Vessel Exercice), training in presentation.
Reading of booklet ( 70 pg) between day 1 and Day 2.
Day 2 focuses on awareness and exploring the Core Quadrant in details - through the 12questions.Demo in front of the room with one volunteer, Use of Flip chart to fill out aquadrant. Then more deepening of learning and exploration of qualities in groups. Reflections in plenary session. The double quadrant is also covered on Day 2 - How to deal wiith difficult relations ( Irritation Competition, Admiration). Coaching in pairs/ trios on difficult relation-topic - all roles ( Coach, coachee, Observer).
Day 3  starts with indivual reflection around learning and challenges. Then focus on Cultural Quadrants  ( teams, communities, countries) - cases. Reflections aroound how to use the model with clients. Sharing of experiences. Then group work of 5: everyone is coached by one of the others on a chosen core quality - while the rest observe. Powerful learning and stretching and very useful for coaches in particular. Then there is focus on values and creative choices - and often a wallk and talk oart in pairs around insights and choices and action plans.
At tee end the participants is gviven different useful resources and templates and it is all finished by giving out the formal certificates from Daniel Ofman.
2-3 oooks and 1 game are part of the program content.
Organization: Core Quality International
Lage Zand 494
2511 GT Den Haag
Phone: +31 70 743 9404
Student Contact: Ms. Laila Stange
Phone: +31 70 743 9404
Learning Method: In-Person
Language: Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Swedish
Coaching Specialties: Business/Organizations, Coaching Other Coaches, Executive, Leadership, Life Vision & Enhancement, Personal/Organizational, Relationship
Approval Start Date: November 1, 2019 Accreditation Renewal Date: February 28, 2025
Locations: Norway