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Organization Name: Brain by Design
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Program Name: Productive by Design; Habits by Design; Happy by Design; Fearless by Design
Program Type: CCE
Program Hours: Core: 23.5 Resource Development: 6.5 Total: 30
Organization Description: Brain by Design specializes in providing practical, applicable, and 100% evidence-based solutions for coaches and individuals seeking to maximize performance, success, and wellness. Our signature products are online courses teaching the brain science behind productivity, habits, and happiness, with an emphasis on how to apply it in your own life and facilitate it in the lives of your clients.
Program Description:
Productive by Design: Get More Done by Working Smarter
Part 1: 4-Module Course
In this exciting 4-part course you’ll learn the brain-based secrets that the world’s most productive and influential people use every day to stay focused, get more done, have more and better ideas, and end the day recharged rather than depleted. This course is 100% evidence-based and drawn from the most cutting-edge research in the fields of behavioral psychology and neuroscience. This course will help you coach your clients through stress, overwhelm, and brain fog -- it's also practical, applicable, and mind-blowingly simple!  
Part 2: Live Virtual Review of the Curriculum
Habits by Design: Habit-ize Your Goals for Success
Part 1: 4-Module Course
In this life-changing 4-part course you’ll discover how to help your clients master the art of habit formation, unlocking the keys to limitless personal growth. Whether they're struggling to lose weight, working to overcome addiction, striving to be a better parent, or reaching for a life-defining goal, this course will make habits their go-to strategy. You’ll walk away with everything you need to start making measurable change in your own life and the lives of your clients—today. Drawing on the most cutting-edge research in the fields of behavioral psychology and neuroscience, this course is accessible, concrete, and joyously empowering.
Part 2: Live Virtual Review of the Curriculum
Happy by Design: Bring the Science of Happiness to Life
Part 1: 4-Module Course
In this eye-opening 4-part course you’ll learn all about the transformative science of happiness—and how to first apply it in your own life, and then help your clients to start applying it in theirs. Learn how to help them access joy, hardwire happiness, and bring a myriad of associated positive benefits into their lives. This course will forever change the way you see your potential and the potential of your clients. It was designed with all the best research from positive psychology, and is inspiring, practical, and just plain fun!
Part 2: Live Virtual Review of the Curriculum
Fearless by Design: Brain Tools to Overcome Fear & Anxiety
Overcoming fear is a learnable skill. This game-changing 4-part course will unpack the brain science of fear and give you the tools you need to help your clients reduce anxiety, stop worrying about things they can't control, and take actions that will help them manage uncertainty. Whether they're struggling to start something new, yearning to get out of their comfort zone, or feeling socially anxious, this course will teach you how to help them unlock a calm, centered, fearless version of themselves. You’ll learn about the transformative science of overriding fear through taking action, reducing anxiety through mindful pattern interruption, how to help them better manage their stress, and the power of hope to buffer against fear and anxiety. Courage can become their new normal, but it takes brain training to get there!  
Part 2: Live Virtual Review of the Curriculum
Organization: Brain by Design
650 N. Red Stone Road #11
Washington, UT 84780
Phone: 9178534749
Student Contact: James Garrett
Phone: 917-853-4749
Learning Method: Virtual
Language: English
Coaching Specialties: Business/Organizations, Coaching Other Coaches, Creativity, Executive, Health & Fitness, Leadership, Life Vision & Enhancement, Personal/Organizational
Approval Start Date: December 1, 2018 Accreditation Renewal Date: March 31, 2025