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Organization Name: 6 Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network (Six Seconds)
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Program Name: EQ Coach Certification
Program Type: Level 2
Program Hours: 223.50
Organization Description:

Six Seconds is the global community working to increase emotional intelligence everywhere.
** Transformational: Data shows the practice of emotional intelligence increases effectiveness, wellbeing, relationships, and quality of life. So, we research & disseminate “what works,” and support a network of changemakers to bring these skills into practice everywhere -- see

** Global: Founded in 1997, Six Seconds is the first and largest organization 100% dedicated to the development of emotional intelligence. We have offices and representatives in over 25 nations and our community reaches over 200 countries and territories -- see

** Scientific: Six Seconds, together with our partners around the world, has published scores of case studies (including at FedEx, Siemens, UCB at and dozens of papers including the ongoing State of the Heart, the world’s largest study of EQ ( – plus 1000s of hours of curriculum (for senior leaders, employees, managers, parents, teachers, children), 350+ hours of certification training to grow world-class experts. See

Businesses, government agencies, nonprofits, schools, and community organizations (such as FedEx, the UN, HSBC, Qatar Airways, Microsoft) choose Six Seconds’ tools and methods because of the global relevance, strong scientific basis, and practical application.

Program Description:
Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Coach Certification (6 Seconds EQCC) is an in-depth, transformational course that is accredited at the highest level by the International Coaching Federation (, Approved Coach Training Program, 223.5 hours) and Antioch University (9 semester-units, almost 1/3 of your MBA or MA).
Coaching is a powerful process to support people to create positive change – which takes thoughts, feelings, and actions working together. In this course, you’ll learn to apply International Coaching Federation (ICF) Core Competencies for the essentials of coaching. You'll go deeper with a transformational emotional intelligence framework to make coaching highly effective by tapping the neuroscience of emotions and change. Plus you'll access practical tools to provide metrics for growth and measurable ROI.
The program includes six modules of active, brain-based learning with *extensive* practice and feedback. The content is based on 40 years of practical teaching experience and taught by expert, supportive faculty. Along the way you earn multiple certifications, including EQ Practitioner and EQ Assessor, to deepen your expertise and strengthen your positioning as a world-class expert.
After completing the Emotional Intelligence Coach Certification, you will be prepared to develop an effective practice as business or personal coach (internal or independent) with expertise in the ICF Competencies, powerful EQ tools, and a structure to make coaching into a transformational process. One key differentiator of this program is the deep integration of emotional intelligence as a toolset for your clients, with robust measures and development processes, and even more, for the development of self as coach so you are more aware, present, and purposeful in this work.
Organization: 6 Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network (Six Seconds)
PO Box 1985
Freedom, CA 95019
Phone: 831.763.1800
Student Contact: Mrs. Jennifer Wiley
Phone: 805.452.7330
Learning Method: Combination
Language: Chinese, English
Coaching Specialties: Business/Organizations, Career/Transition, Coaching Other Coaches, Executive, Leadership, Life Vision & Enhancement, Personal/Organizational
Approval Start Date: November 9, 2017 Accreditation Renewal Date: January 31, 2025
Locations: China
United Arab Emirates
United States