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The International Coaching Federation (ICF) does not offer initial education and training to become a coach (we only offer professional development for practiced coaches). As the accrediting body for coach-specific education and accredited providers, we cannot recommend any specific coaching education organizations.

To ensure quality education, ICF accredits coaching education organizations that meet the high standards set forth by ICF and ICF Coaching Education. To find ICF-Accredited Providers we suggest that you use our Education Search Service (ESS) below. The search for a coach education program is a highly individual process that depends greatly on your personal preferences and goals. The ESS is designed to give you basic information about all ICF-Accredited Education Providers.


For further information, please contact this training organization rather than the ICF office. The ICF recommends all approved programs equally and cannot recommend one program over another.

Organization Name: Youvolution Srl SB
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Program Name: Coaching Maintenance
Program Type: CCE
Program Hours: Core: 30 Resource Development: 0 Total: 30
Organization Description:  
Program Description: Coaching Maintenance is a program designed to consolidate, challenge, and personalize one's knowledge and practice of one-on-one coaching based on confrontation with peers and a plurality of experienced and long-time Mentor Coaches.
During each webinar participants will deepen one of the competencies of the new ICF model, connect to a principle of a specific coaching method (with a privileged focus on the Future method), and explore it from a new perspective also with the help of multiple direct experiences, including the mentoring of a session.
In the in-person meetings, the groundwork will also be set for how to generate and nurture a process of continuous learning and monitoring of one's progress as a coach, in order to ensure truly consistent maintenance of one's coaching and, more generally, one's professional development.
The result will be an increased confidence in approaching each individual session, as well as the entire coaching journey, and an inspiring openness to the variety of methods and perspectives.
Organization: Youvolution Srl SB
Via Della Vittoria 33
20025 Legnano
Phone: +39 339 80 46 099
Student Contact: Dr. Massimiliano Cardani, ACTC, MCC
Learning Method: Virtual
Language: Italian
Coaching Specialties: Business/Organizations, Coaching Other Coaches, Executive, Life Vision & Enhancement, Personal/Organizational, Relationship, Spirituality
Approval Start Date: March 1, 2023 Accreditation Renewal Date: April 30, 2025
Locations: Italy