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Organization Name: The Nature Coaching Academy
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Program Name: Ecosomatic Coaching: embodied coaching with nature
Program Type: Level 1
Program Hours: 124.00
Organization Description:  
Program Description: The Ecosomatic Coaching Training offers unique competencies in coaching by integrating the following:
The Code of Ethics in Coaching and The 8 Core Coaching Competencies as defined by the International Coaching FederationThe latest advances in scientific research for well-being and personal growth focused on contemplative practices, embodiment and nature connection.
Our program is founded on evidence-based frameworks that complement our trainers' strong expertise in coaching in various contexts.
A unique coaching philosophy based on:
Coaching outdoors, in synergy with nature: nature-connectedness, biophilia, and ecopsychology help us take full advantage of the benefits related to experiencing nature as co-coach during the session, taking coaching sessions outdoors with confidence.Contemplative practices: to harness the power of mindfulness, deep listening and presence.Embodiment, somatic and ecosomatic intelligence: we awaken and empower our coaches' ability to integrate our bodies and nature's wisdom, access a natural inner compass and ethics, and empower intuition, systemic thinking and holistic problem-solving, decision-making and change-enabling capabilities.Maieutic dialogue and powerful questioning: we work in the wake of the Socratic dialogue heritage to empower the coach's ability to work with silence, self-inquiry, deep listening and self-reflection.Emotional intelligence and positive psychology: a solid evidence-based approach to self-awareness, personal change and evolution.Biomimicry and system thinking: we enable our coaches to develop a systemic mindset and mimic nature's holistic strategies for thriving.Resilience, social impact and climate awareness: a particular focus throughout our modules is on giving our coaches foundational principles in addressing climate resilience, adaptation and ecological perspectives. We support their empowerment as change-makers in their communities and relational networks to positively impact the future of life on Earth.
By completing the Ecosomatic coaching training, you will:
Develop the skills, mindset and confidence to practice as a professional coach, identifying your unique coaching style.Have a thorough understanding of The International Coaching Federation Core Coaching Competencies and Code of Ethics, and know how to apply them in coaching conversations.Integrate an ecosomatic approach to personal growth and transformation, working in synergy with body and natureLearn innovative practices to empower your work as a professional coach.Grow yourself as an embodied leader and a change enabler, integrating your organic intelligence with nature's genius to create the desired impact – in your life and social fields.Focus on mastery level skills from the beginning.Learn how to apply ecosomatic coaching to yourself for self-discovery and personal evolution.Master effective communication around the benefits of mindfulness, nature connection and an embodied approach to coaching and personal growth.
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Organization: The Nature Coaching Academy
Phone: +39 351 502 6344
Student Contact:  
Learning Method: Virtual,Combination,In-Person
Language: English, Italian
Coaching Specialties: Health & Fitness, Life Vision & Enhancement, Other
Approval Start Date: January 7, 2022 Accreditation Renewal Date: January 31, 2025
Locations: Italy