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Organization Name: ASTERYS LAB
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Program Type: AATC
Program Hours: 63.00
Organization Description:
Asterys Lab is part of the Asterys Group, an international brand dedicated to organizational development. It was founded in 2001 by Giovanna D’Alessio, the first European and the only Italian to hold, in 2010, the title of President of ICF Global. Asterys deals with the transformation of leadership and organizational culture in multinational corporations.
Asterys Lab - The Campus is dedicated to professional training of Coaches and Facilitators with high levels of awareness, presence and personal leadership. Since 2001 we have been organizing coaching training programs in Italy, Europe and the USA, trained hundreds of professional coaches and some of the best coaches on the market.
Furthermore, Asterys Lab is not only a coaching school, but also a trans-forming laboratory for coaches, facilitators, managers and HR professionals.
Program Description: Asterys Systemic Team Coaching Course
Asterys Systemic Team Coaching Course is the Asterys Lab course with which you can learn the homonymous and exclusive systemic coaching model dedicated to teams and organizations.
Asterys Systemic Team Coaching is aligned and based on the ICF competencies and ICF Code of Ethics.
The ASTC model deals with teams from a systemic point of view, people are considered as elements of the system and the coach's work focuses above all on the connections, interactions and patterns that define and condition the system and therefore the team's performance.
There are different coaching and team coaching approaches, a part of them includes the systems approach. The systemic approach is often called into question to mean a work that takes into account the system and not just the person.
How does ASTC differ from other approaches? The work done by Petti and Colasanti is the result of their studies, their international collaborations with illustrious colleagues and their over twenty years of experience.
In particular, ASTC allows the team and the organization to maintain full focus on the expected results and to achieve them effectively. This happens by working on the systemic dimension and allowing the transformation of the team's "patterns" and therefore of its way of operating, thinking and being. The entire coaching journey, both during team coaching sessions and between sessions, becomes a transformational experience of the structural basis of the team.
A Coach who works using the ASTC model helps the team bring out the repeating patterns that determine team dynamics. Once these patterns have been discovered, it is then a question of intervening on a systemic level because the willpower of an individual and the leadership of one or more people are not enough. We need an approach and tools specifically designed for this purpose.
The peculiarities that make Asterys Systemic Team Coaching effective are:
Full focus on team business resultsSystemic approachFocus on team patterns and their transformation in the direction of desired resultsDigital practice environment in which the Team continues the coaching process even outside of the individual sessions with the CoachConsistency with the team coaching competencies defined by the International Coaching Federation.This course satisfies the requirements for the application to ICF Advanced Accreditation in Team Coaching (AATC).
The team's business results therefore remain the main focus, while the resolution of behaviors within the team is no longer the protagonist of coaching and becomes a consequence, a "desired side effect", of systemic team coaching which focuses particularly on identification of limiting patterns and the generation of new empowering patterns.
ASTC is an operating model that defines the different components of a team coaching journey and session. It consists of four fundamental phases and a cycle that accompanies the team, in a structured way, throughout the coaching process. At the beginning we have "Staging", the initial contracting on the method, objectives and constraints of the intervention and then the phases 1. "Align", 2."Reveal & Build", 3. "Plan", 4. "Integration".
Organization: CEO
Via di Villa Zingone, 36
00151 Roma
Phone: +39 0687165254
Student Contact:  
Learning Method: In-Person
Language: English, Italian
Coaching Specialties: Business/Organizations, Creativity, Executive, Internal, Leadership, Personal/Organizational, Relationship
Approval Start Date: May 15, 2023 Accreditation Renewal Date: July 31, 2026
Locations: Italy