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Organization Name: Graduate School of Coaching
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Program Name: Deep coaching with metaphorical associative cards
Program Type: CCE
Program Hours: Core: 14 Resource Development: 10 Total: 24
Organization Description:  
Program Description: Deep coaching with metaphorical associative cards is an educational program of professional training for beginner coaching specialists, integrating such a tool as metaphorical associative cards in professional coaching activity.
Brief program description:
Module 1: The Basics of coaching
Webinar 1 – Introductory webinar– acquaintance
Lesson 1 – Coaching relations
Webinar 2 – The basis of coaching relations
Lesson 2 – Agreements in coaching
Webinar 3 – Establishing a powerful agreement for a session
Webinar 4 – Evoking client awareness through powerful questions
Lesson 3 – Coaching tools
Lesson 4 – Review of an updated model of coaching
Assisted inter-modular practice
Module 2: Everything what is important to know about MAC
Lesson 5 – Using metaphorical cards in coaching
Webinar 6 – Coaching session stage – Goal-setting with the use of metaphorical associative cards
Lesson 7 – Everything what is important to know about MAC
Webinar 7 – Evoking client awareness through work with metaphors
Lesson 8 – Options for working with metaphorical cards
Webinar 8 – Maintaining coach presence at a session
Lesson 9 – Types of metaphorical cards
Webinar 9 – Client’s emotions in a coaching session
Module 3: Metaphorical cards in the work of a coach
Webinar 10 - MAC – a helper at the study stage (search for a solution)
Assisted inter-modular practice
Lesson 10 – Additional coach’s tools, SWAT – analysis, using MAC
Lesson 11 - Additional coach’s tools, ABC-solution, using MAC
Lesson 12 - Additional coach’s tools, Balance Wheel, using MAC
Webinar 11 - Deep coaching with metaphorical associative cards
Program objective: Teach students the basic skills according to the ICF's standards; train how to work with such a tool as metaphorical associative cards, show how integrating coaching and MAC is possible.
Organization: Graduate School of Coaching
Sibrevkoma 7/1, 92
630007 Novosibirsk
Phone: +79137134749
Student Contact: Vera Deripasko, MCC
Phone: +79137134749
Learning Method: Virtual
Language: Russian
Coaching Specialties: Business/Organizations, Creativity, Leadership, Life Vision & Enhancement, Personal/Organizational, Relationship
Approval Start Date: March 1, 2022 Accreditation Renewal Date: March 31, 2023