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Organization Name: CoachVille, LLC
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Program Name: The Center for Coaching Mastery at CoachVille
Program Type: Level 2
Program Hours: 125.00
Organization Description:
Our Philosophy At CoachVille:
What is Transformation Coaching?
Transformation Coaching is A LOT more than you may have heard. Transformation coaching is a profound relationship!
Learning how to provide this sophisticated level of care, support and challenge will be one of the most amazing personal growth adventures you ever undertake.
Problems, tasks, and accountability.
The Human Potential Movement hit a real snag when it blended into the Industrial Psychology obsession with fixing problems. It became the norm of “self-help’ to convince people about their problems and pain so that the guru could sell them their solution. Transformation Coaching starts with the premise that the player is awesome!
Human nature is… AWESOME!
There is something wrong with you. But we can fix it.
You have amazing superpowers to share with the world.
Dreams, guided practice, co-creation, the spirit of play.
Transformation Coaches are the champions of dreams:
Why Dreams and not objectives or goals? This is an important question! Objectives are very task-oriented and more about getting it done. Dreams are playful and growth-oriented; they evoke adventure and becoming the next version of YOU!
Stale, robotic, Key performance indicators.
Wildly alive desires, imagination, playfulness, adventure, and fun!!!
Transformation Coaches practice social play:
Coaching is guiding a player in pursuit of playing better. But how do we play life? We have a little model that encourages the player and the coach to approach any dream with the spirit of play and an opportunity for personal growth AND social influence!
Social play… social practice… social fear.
Working alone on tasks that are risk-free and keep you small.
Embracing the risks of playing out in the world to influence others positively.
Transformation Coaches Guide the Human Journey:
When you guide someone in pursuit of their dream in life, it really is a wild and rewarding adventure; it is not passive, that’s for sure. You love those hero’s journey stories! You get to be the wise and capable guide for everyone you coach. And you can do it from anywhere!
Every life… is a treasure map!
Tour guide with a road map.
Adventure Guide with a Treasure map.
Transformation Coaches are wise rebels:
The hero’s journey portion of transformation coaching requires a dominating status quo… and we have a big one: The Industrial Culture of Authoritarian Control Hierarchies! ARGH!
Almost every player with a Transformation Coach dreams of changing something in their own lives and the world around them. This requires an epic quest to challenge the status quo.
Transformation coaching cultures can change the world!
That’s just the way it is; we have to accept it.
We can courageously co-create something WAY better!
Transformation Coaches choose lifestyle freedom!
Coach the Dreams you Love!
Coach the players you resonate with.
Coach with your Signature Method.
Coach when it fits into the rest of your life.
Live where you feel most alive.
Doing what you are “supposed to do."
Choosing lifestyle freedom.
Program Description:
The Offer...

You will RECEIVE:
1) World Class Transformation Coach Education: we have been lovingly sharing, enhancing, and refining for 21 years.
2) Profound Belonging with fellow world changers in ZOOM classes and on our CoachVille APP.
3) Incredible Transformation Resources to share with the players you coach; Look and feel like a PRO from Day 1.
You will INVEST:
1) Your time: 6 -15 months for Coach Education (depending on how you design YOUR custom schedule and education experience, with our help) + 1 year for business mentoring.
2) Your energy, attention, and LOVE: in classes, with colleagues, and coaching your practice players (you can get paid for this!)
3) Your money: relative to your current economic situation with our revolutionary income-based pricing. We have an income-based scholarship program to create a more equitable and dynamic coaching education program and coaching field.
Our highest scholarship offer makes coach training affordable for nearly everyone, especially when utilizing our payment plan option, which allows you to pay for over a year without a huge down payment. Nearly everyone qualifies for a scholarship under a six-figure earner.
You will BECOME:
1) More alive, more free, more playful, more YOU (more peaceful too).
2) A Coach Approach Leader in your world. Transformation is contagious. You will uplift your family, friends, colleagues, team, and community FROM: Hierarchical Control INTO: Egalitarian FREEDOM!
3) A paid Transformation Coach with a Lifestyle of your Dreams (if you are into this)
The confidence that comes with knowing that you CAN transform lives.
You can guide people to uplift their Human Nature and live their Dreams NOW; AND experience the joy of doing it!
Six quick facts about our program:
1) 2001 Launch: Our school was launched in 2001 by Thomas Leonard – the founding father of the coaching field – as “the Graduate School of Coaching” – It’s now called the “Center for Coaching Mastery.”
2) 100% ZOOM: The program is delivered 100% by dynamic group conference calls using Zoom. We have been a virtual school since 2001! This is where we live and thrive. We offer classes in two time slots, 2 pm and 8 pm eastern, so most living in different time zones can attend.
You can register anytime. The program takes 9 – 15 months to complete; we have a SUPER flexible path to graduation. NO COHORTS. You can retake classes for LIFE! (for real)
Earn ICF PCC: The program prepares you to earn the CoachVille Professional Certified Coach (CVPCC), and then you can apply for your ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC).
Business: Our 1-Year Dynamic Business Group Coaching Program is included to help you get those 400 paid hours. You can overlap with Coach Education, but most do them sequentially.
If you have any questions, you can call us! 866-548-6516 (Call any time 24 / 7) You can generally talk with a Human between 8 AM and 8 PM ET USA
Organization: CoachVille, LLC
8 Bonaparte Point Drive
Hopatcong, NJ 07843
Phone: 866.548.6516
Student Contact:
Phone: +1-866-548-6516
Learning Method: Combination
Language: Czech, English, Romanian, Vietnamese
Coaching Specialties: Business/Organizations, Creativity, Executive, Leadership, Life Vision & Enhancement, Personal/Organizational, Small Business
Approval Start Date: July 11, 2006 Accreditation Renewal Date: July 31, 2024
Locations: Albania
Czech Republic
Netherlands Antilles
San Marino
United Kingdom
United States
New Jersey