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2020 ICF Global Coaching Study - Final Report

2020 ICF Global Coaching Study - Final Report

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$295.00 - 2020 ICF Global Coaching Study - Final Report

$95.00 - 2020 ICF Global Coaching Study - Final Report

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The International Coaching Federation’s portfolio of industry research allows the community of coaches to stand strong with fresh knowledge of industry trends to inform their daily decisions. The 2020 Global Coaching Study is the largest coaching industry research study in history. It incorporates 22,457 valid survey responses from coaches and managers and leaders who are using coaching skills in 161 countries and territories.
The Global Coaching Study quantifies the size and value of the coaching industry worldwide and by region. The study was designed to engage with as many coach practitioners and managers/leaders using coaching skills as possible to provide an up-to-date picture of the coaching profession and empower coaches to embrace the opportunities and meet the challenges ahead.
Topics covered in the Final Report include:
• The Size and Scope of the Profession
• Summary Business Indicators
• Coach Practitioners
• Managers and Leaders Using Coaching Skills
The Final Report also includes a suite of Data Tables and a detailed Technical Appendix.